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…cattle handling…made easy!

Salt Creek Industries, LLC - …cattle handling…made easy!


The Mugger is a patentedPatented mugger head restraint head restraint for mouthing cattle but has a variety of other uses including doctoring eyes and checking or administering ear tags.

Salt Creek’s patented head-restraint device is the Mugger.  It is constructed of high quality steel.  This head restraint unit attaches securely to the front of both our standard and  magnum hydraulic chutes.

The head restraint quickly and effectively immobilizes the cow’s head.  This immobilization allows for faster and more efficient de-horning or worming.  Less time in the chute translates directly to less stress on your cattle.

The Mugger’s unique head-restraint action also decreases the potential for injury to the rancher or veterinarian working on the animal.

This quick and effective restraint device will save time and money in any livestock operation.

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Watch more videos showing the patented livestock head restraint in action.  It gently lifts the cattle’s head which restrains the lateral movement.  This restraint allows the rancher or veterinarian to more safely administer medication or treatments.