Salt Creek Industries, LLC

…cattle handling…made easy!

Salt Creek Industries, LLC - …cattle handling…made easy!

Our Clients Say…

Ranchers, dairymen, veterinarians and other clients say how they appreciate the efficiency and durability of a Salt Creek hydraulic squeeze chute.

Clients say the darndest things about Salt Creek hydraulic squeeze chutes.

Want to see for yourself?  Just take a look at our squeeze chute videos to watch Salt Creek Hydraulic Chutes used in everyday situations. Our clients are ranchers and veterinarians who prefer a hydraulic chute.  They utilize the features and functions of our hydraulic cattle chute for yearling vaccinations, hoof trimming, preg testing, branding, and more.  The simple, one-person operation of our chutes helps ranchers, cattlemen, dairy operations, and veterinarians save time and money.

Listen to what our clients say and watch Salt Creek hydraulic squeeze chutes in action.

Bill Flournoy

“Everything is A-OK and has been right on target for us.
We run 6000-8000 head of cattle through it in the fall and about half that in the spring…”

Steve Stoltenberg

“The best thing I like is this right here – the Mugger. Boy we can ear-tag everything – and it’s nice! It holds them in place. I want another one!”

Ron Anderson

“I’d like to have one more!”

Glenn Barrett – Barrett Livestock

“It’s very seldom you find…a company who will stand behind their product as well as Kelly does.”

Bob & Edie Banducci

“A lot of operations probably don’t use the bottom adjustment much. We run a lot of little light cattle. That makes a huge difference on being able to hold the pressure of those cattle.”

Greg Thomas – Y Cross Herefords, Bonanza, Oregon

“It’s fast, it’s maintenance free and it’s extremely easy on the cattle.”

Ron Anderson

“…the cattle go through ’em easy and fast…and no breakdowns!”

Glenn Barrett – Barrett Livestock

“He knows we rely on equipment that will hold up…Kelly’s expertise is what makes it work for us.”

Dan Schleigh

“If we’d have had one of these hydraulic chutes 40 years ago, my shoulders would be a lot better.”

Ron Anderson

“Customer service is outstanding!”

Greg Thomas – Y Cross Herefords, Bonanza, Oregon

“I’ve been around other hydraulic chutes and Kelly’s is simple, efficient, and lasts forever.”

Glenn Barrett – Barrett Livestock

“…the more we can hold animals…the easier it is on humans…the easier and safer it is on the animals as well.”

Ron Anderson

“It’s not hard on you – you can work it all day long.”