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…cattle handling…made easy!

Salt Creek Industries, LLC - …cattle handling…made easy!

About Salt Creek

Kelly Peile is all about Salt Creek Cattle Chutes

Kelly Peile, Salt Creek Hydraulic Cattle Chutes

When it comes to hydraulic squeeze chutes, it’s all about Salt Creek!

Generations ago, Kelly Peile’s ancestors settled on the Salt Creek in Southern Oregon.  Kelly’s family is still living on Salt Creek today.

Kelly is quick to point out how amazing it is that these hardy forbearers of his used their ingenuity to support themselves and make a living.  They were ranchers and farmers, miners and loggers.  They’d see a need and fill it.  Their attitude and ethics were passed down through each successive generation.

When Kelly was a young man, the second generation of those pioneers was still alive and well.  Kelly studied those folks and put the lessons he learned to use.  He is now the owner of Salt Creek Industries and the driving force behind the success of this great manufacturing company.

Kelly feels that if he’s successful in this business, he owes it in a very large part to the old timers who he has always admired so much.  People who came to this country with nothing and carved out a living, filling the needs they found and passing down their tradition of honesty, ingenuity and hard work.

It may be because of that heritage that Salt Creek Industries’ products carry an unconditional guarantee.  As Kelly is quick to point out, “if you can break it, I can fix it”.  So far, he hasn’t had to fix much!

Kelly is assisted in his shop by veteran buckaroo and builder Terry McClaine and a crew of builders all of whom have been raised in the cattle business.  Kelly’s dad, Ed Peile, helps in many phases of the business and may be the person you first contact at Salt Creek Industries.

Their combined experience may be why the Salt Creek hydraulic squeeze chute is the best squeeze chute in the world.

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