Salt Creek Industries, LLC

…cattle handling…made easy!

Salt Creek Industries, LLC - …cattle handling…made easy!

Rich Long, Veterinarian

Rich Long is a Veterinarian with the Klamath Animal Clinic.  He has worked with all the other hydraulic squeeze chutes out there and there are none that compare to Salt Creek.

Rich can preg test 2-3 head of cattle a minute, while operating the squeeze chute!  He is a great example of efficient  one-man chute operation.  Rich says he can preg test faster with a Salt Creek Hydraulic Squeeze Chute than with any other squeeze chute.

Bill Flournoy

Bill Flournoy is a rancher from Northern California.  He was so happy with his “built-to-specs” hydraulic squeeze chute that they ordered a second, portable squeeze chute.

Running two yearlings at a time, Bill Flournoy and his crew can run 100 per hour through their Salt Creek Hydraulic Squeeze Chute.