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…cattle handling…made easy!

Salt Creek Industries, LLC - …cattle handling…made easy!

Hoof Trimming Chute Video

See our Hoof Trimming Chute at work!  Greg Thomas, of Y Cross Herefords, splits his time between raising cattle and hoof-trimming, servicing many dairies with his portable hoof-trimming chute.

Greg tells us how easy and smooth the hoof trimming chute is to operate.  He appreciates the efficiency of the hydraulic squeeze chute.  Greg has run over 300,000++ head of cattle through his well-tested hydraulic squeeze chute.

Bill Flournoy

Bill Flournoy is a rancher from Northern California.  He was so happy with his “built-to-specs” hydraulic squeeze chute that they ordered a second, portable squeeze chute.

Running two yearlings at a time, Bill Flournoy and his crew can run 100 per hour through their Salt Creek Hydraulic Squeeze Chute.

Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas says Kelly Peile is a good guy to work with.  Kelly is concerned that the Salt Creek Squeeze Chute is working properly, saving Greg time and money in his one-man hoof trimming operation.