Salt Creek Industries, LLC

…cattle handling…made easy!

Salt Creek Industries, LLC - …cattle handling…made easy!

Bill Flournoy

Bill Flournoy is a rancher from Northern California.  He was so happy with his “built-to-specs” hydraulic squeeze chute that they ordered a second, portable squeeze chute.

Running two yearlings at a time, Bill Flournoy and his crew can run 100 per hour through their Salt Creek Hydraulic Squeeze Chute.

About Salt Creek

Salt Creek Industries builds the finest hydraulic squeeze chutes and cattle working equipment in the world.

Salt Creek chutes are built for each rancher’s individual needs.  Owner and designer Kelly Peile voices his guarantee – if you can break it, he can fix it.

Glenn Barrett – Barrett Livestock

Glenn Barrett needed a custom squeeze chute as his crew runs cattle which range in size from 250 to 800 pounds.  A standard-sized hydraulic squeeze chute just wouldn’t work for them.

If you get a hydraulic squeeze chute, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one.  The crew at Glenn Barrett Livestock must rely on their hydraulic cattle-working equipment, which is why they chose a Salt Creek Chute.