Salt Creek Industries, LLC

…cattle handling…made easy!

Salt Creek Industries, LLC - …cattle handling…made easy!

Overheard at Red Bluff – Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson is a cow man, auctioneer, and member of the Red Bluff Bull Sale Committee.  Ron tells Kelly Peile how he would like to have one more Salt Creek Squeeze Chute!

Though the motor is available mounted to the hydraulic cattle chute or on an accessory cart, the motor is quiet enough that Ron prefers the chute mounted version. Listen to Ron Anderson and Kelly Peile at the 2012 Red Bluff Bull Sale.

About Salt Creek

Salt Creek Industries builds the finest hydraulic squeeze chutes and cattle working equipment in the world.

Salt Creek chutes are built for each rancher’s individual needs.  Owner and designer Kelly Peile voices his guarantee – if you can break it, he can fix it.

Glenn Barrett – Barrett Livestock

Glenn Barrett needed a custom squeeze chute as his crew runs cattle which range in size from 250 to 800 pounds.  A standard-sized hydraulic squeeze chute just wouldn’t work for them.

If you get a hydraulic squeeze chute, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one.  The crew at Glenn Barrett Livestock must rely on their hydraulic cattle-working equipment, which is why they chose a Salt Creek Chute.

Salt Creek goes to the Red Bluff Bull Sale

Visit the Red Bluff Bull Sale, as Salt Creek Industries attends with their hydraulic squeeze chutes and cattle working equipment. Do you ever wonder what happens at the big bull sales and livestock auctions? You’ll see it all here.

Join us for our latest video – our trip to the Red Bluff Bull Sale and Livestock Auction in Red Bluff, California.

Bob and Edie Banducci

Bob and Edie Banducci demonstrate their method of using the Salt Creek hydraulic chute.  This husband-and-wife team have been feeding cattle in Western Oregon for years.

They use the adjustable sides quite effectively to hold the pressure on smaller cattle.  They will even implant two cattle in the squeeze chute at the same time.