Salt Creek Industries, LLC

…cattle handling…made easy!

Salt Creek Industries, LLC - …cattle handling…made easy!

Watch a Hydraulic Squeeze Chute in Action

Take a look at the Salt Creek hydraulic squeeze chute in action!

Join veterinarian Rich Long as he runs hundreds of cattle a day through a Salt Creek Hydraulic Squeeze Chute.  Rich has enjoyed the features of a Salt Creek Chute for years.  Learn how to expertly operate a Salt Creek cattle chute.

Ron Anderson and his Salt Creek Chute

Located deep in the evergreen forests of the Western US, Ron Anderson and Salt Creek owner Kelly Peile discuss the Salt Creek squeeze chute.

When Ron’s hydraulic chute generator was stolen, Kelly arrived the next day to install a replacement on his squeeze chute.

About Salt Creek

Salt Creek Industries builds the finest hydraulic squeeze chutes and cattle working equipment in the world.

Salt Creek chutes are built for each rancher’s individual needs.  Owner and designer Kelly Peile voices his guarantee – if you can break it, he can fix it.

Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas says Kelly Peile is a good guy to work with.  Kelly is concerned that the Salt Creek Squeeze Chute is working properly, saving Greg time and money in his one-man hoof trimming operation.