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Squeeze Chute Price List

Our Squeeze Chute Price List is also available for download .

Here you’ll find our hydraulic squeeze chute price list.squeeze chute price list

Pricing and links to each of our hydraulic squeeze chutes and all the available accessories are shown.  If there is a special piece of cattle handling equipment you’d like to have for your cattle operation but don’t see it listed here, just call or email.

Often, ranchers, dairymen or veterinarians are looking for a specific feature on their cattle handling equipment.  Remember, we’re happy to customize your hydraulic squeeze chute to fit your needs.

download squeeze chute price list  *.pdf file

 ** prices effective Jan 1, 2020

 Item Description Price
The standard 8-foot hydraulic squeeze chute comes with Honda 340 gas motor OR electric 5HP single phase 230 volt electric motor $14,000
– with Mugger, patented head holder $16,000
– with trailer $16,000
– with mugger and trailer $18,000
– Manual Calf Table P.O.R.
Magnum 9-foot Hydraulic Squeeze Chute copens 3 inches wider with Honda 340 Gas Motor OR 5 HP Single Phase 230 Volt Motor $16,000
– with Mugger $18,000
– with trailer $18,000
– with mugger and trailer $20,000
No 21 EXTREME DUTY – 21 feet 9 inches long, comes standard with step, 7-foot top deck, Cat Walk & Man Door – Spring-loaded Front End $12,000
No 15 EXTREME DUTY – 15 feet 4 inches long, 12-foot ramp, 2×2 Cleats, 44-inch Top Deck, Cat Walk & Man Door $6,800
No 12 LOADING CHUTE – 12-foot ramp, 2×2 Cleats,  Man Door is at the back of Chute $4,000
No 15 PORTABLE – Hydraulic legs raise and lower Chute, Retractable Tongue $9,800
No 12 PORTABLE – Manual raise and lower wheels, Retractable Tongue $6,000
No 9 JUMP CHUTE – 9-feet long, fits on Squeeze Chute trailer $3,200
No 15 End Load & Side Load $7,800
No 21 End Load & Side Load $13,000
Adjustable Width Loading Chute P.O.R.
30-foot Alley (with tailgate & palpation door) $7,450
20-foot Alley (with tailgate & palpation door) $5,200
Alley made to any custom length P.O.R.
Alley Tail Gate $700
Alley Mid-way Gate $750
Palpation Gate $200
Vaccination Side (Per Panel) $75
Double Alley P.O.R.
Hydraulic Adjustable Alley P.O.R.
Hydraulic Adjustable Balanced No Back P.O.R.
Manual Adjustable Balanced No Back P.O.R.
Tubs 10-foot and 12-foot P.O.R.
BUD Box P.O.R.
Galvanized Water Trough – 12 x 4 $1,400
Mugger – Patented Head Holder $2,500
Standard Squeeze Chute Trailer $2,000
Magnum Hydraulic Chute Trailer $2,200
Bottom Door, horizontally split, add $150
Extended Head Catch, add $50
Calf Ramp, add $350
Honda gas power Hydraulic Unit with Squeeze Chute & no Electric Unit $975
Honda Gas Power Hydraulic Unit w/out Squeeze Chute $3,600
4 removable Solid Side Panels, add $400
Escape Gate – Magnum Chute Only $700
Palpation Door – Magnum Chute Only $600
Hydraulic Adjustable Side Lower 8 inches $2,400

Please Contact us for more information and for ordering.