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Salt Creek Industries, LLC - …cattle handling…made easy!

Additional Squeeze Chute Features

Additional hydraulic squeeze chute features available for your Salt Creek cattle working equipment

hydraulic squeeze chute features from Salt CreekThese additional squeeze chute features bring tremendous added value and functionality to your hydraulic cattle chute.

Get the most out of your cattle working equipment.  Integrate Salt Creek hydraulic squeeze chutes in your organization today.

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Standard, Magnum, and Portable hydraulic squeeze chutes are all available with any of the following cattle chute features:

    • Mugger – Patented Head Holder
    • Standard Squeeze Chute Trailer
    • Magnum Hydraulic Chute Trailer
    • Bottom Door, horizontally split
    • Extended Head Catch
    • Calf Ramp
    • Honda gas power Hydraulic Unit with Squeeze Chute & no Electric Unit
    • Honda Gas Power Hydraulic Unit w/out Squeeze Chute
    • 4 removable Solid Side Panels
    • Escape Gate – Magnum Chute Only
    • Palpation Door – Magnum Chute Only
    • Hydraulic Adjustable Side Lower 8 inches